postheadericon Online Poker Traffic Is Dropping: Testing Time Ahead

The most important indicator of the health of online poker industry, the traffic to websites, has lately been dropping down. This also indicates that players are moving away from the Internet version of the poker game. However, one shouldn’t come to any direct conclusion as the situation is more complicated than it seems to be. The traffic stats just display the current situation and that too a certain extent. Let us find more on the topic.

Drop-down in Online Poker Traffic Casts Gloom

online poker

online poker

For the past three weeks, the online poker traffic has seen a considerable dip the world over. These indications are worrisome because the dip has been extended for such a long time. The overall drop in traffic observed worldwide in the 3 weeks is 2.9%. The networks that have suffered heavily include the Full Tilt (100%), Ongame Network (14%), International Poker Network (51%) and Cereus Network (98%). This negative trend casts a gloom over the future of online poker industry. The overall traffic loss in poker in Asia, America, Europe, etc. observed in the past year is 19%. However; all is not lost since there are few exceptions. Some of the networks are actually making progress in terms of the traffic. Amidst the reports about drop-down in the online poker traffic, Merge Poker Network has interestingly exhibited a 0.4% rise. However, the traffic drawn by this network has been much lesser in comparison to that of last year. It was last year’s fallout from Black Friday that had given a big boost to Merge Poker Network’s traffic. For the past year, the network has thereby, tremendously benefited from the developments. However, the company hasn’t been able to sustain that flow of traffic in the past few weeks.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one tournament that is set to provide some sort of hope for poker enthusiasts amidst these times of gloom. It has been observed in the past that the event helps in drawing the attention towards poker and thereby, allows the online poker traffic to improve. Let us hope, the online poker traffic shows a rise in the near future.

postheadericon Strong Poker Players Make Dollars From Online Poker!

The tempting game of poker has skyrocketed drastically to a enormous degree, since the invention of its latest variation, online poker. The web sites that host online poker have pulled in plenty of players from all over the world. As numerous powerful poker players make huge sums of dollars by online poker, lots of people who noticed online poker, once, have switched to be the experienced poker players and do well in the WSOP, which is higher than $1,000,000.

Online Poker

Online Poker

The expert poker players had been beginners one time and now have honed their capabilities in playing online poker. Besides mastering the rules, strategies, terms and success guidelines in poker, there are several ways involved in turning into winning poker players. This write-up definitely declares it for the beginner poker player. Victorious players have just one or two signifies, which have been going to be soaked up and implemented in practice. The inexperienced players who desire to turn out to be the skilled players need to use this strategy and they’ll basically see clear changes in their style of playing and naturally, they get more prospects of winning.

Normally, online poker is a game, where you will be able of come across both loyal players and disloyal players. On the other hand, you should be influenced to be a managed player, as powerful poker players who are well regimented are patient and it is difficult to win the game along with them. Indeed, they’re aware of pot odds in poker and they use the percentages, even though identifying in their actions. The proficient and honest players wait around for the good hand, until finally the pot odds convert in their favor, not like the novices, who are weighed down and hasty while playing. They are able to apply their overall talents and techniques to win the game. They also try out and decoy other players by transforming different types of styles to baffle the game. The powerful poker players, who can study the head of other participants, have the probability of establishing as successful players, even amongst the equivalent competitors, who’re playing in the very same game.

Besides all of these, the powerful poker players do not only focus on their table alone; instead, they keep observing their opponents as well. Expertise in online poker can be obtained by the perfect selection of poker tells along with implementing them as highly powerful guns. Consequently, you can’t solicit your name, instantaneously; it requires time to master and to have exercise in the real game. When the groundwork of the poker game is strong, no one can hold you back from winning poker and making dollars.

postheadericon Ways to make successful betting decisions in online poker

Take your time–

When you playing poker your strategy should be in proper manner. The greatest way to build better betting decisions is by taking your time. More often than not, most people who play poker online are more concerned about whether they should call, bet, or fold, than the actual amount of the bet they make, and what table image this projects. If, right after deciding to make a call or raise, you invest a little more time selecting your bet size and the future implications it will have on your poker hand, you will make a lot greater decisions. Next time you log into your popular poker room online or any of the other sites you play at, try and concentrate on enhancing your betting.

Do some simple math–

The 1st thing you can do to make better betting decisions when playing online, whether in online poker tournamentsor other poker events, is to simply do some basic math. Now, you don’t need to go into whole independent chip model calculations, or do a full pot odds analysis, but just understanding the basic odds of creating your hand and the amount that you have to put in the pot to continue is a good idea.

Online poker

Online poker

Remember past situations–

It is very important to keep in mind all your opponents’ hands in the past and what the results of those hands were. Believe it or not, most people who play online poker are creatures of habit, and they all make the same activities over and over again in the same cases. If a player increased a certain amount in a past poker hand and was bluffing, it may be affordable to expect that this player is doing the same this time.

postheadericon Female Online Poker Player Scarlett Johansson

Poker is very famous online game. Poker is a skill game where, depending on luck and a more of skill, , anyone could potentially become a world champion overnight, depending on the fall of the cards. Not only have tens of thousands of amateur players thrown their hat into the ring over the years, many celebrities have too. Celeb online poker player Scarlett Johansson’s determine has caught up with her already-mature and gathered personality – and An extra part of Scarlett Johansson’s attract is her exclusively throaty voice, which excites us. Scarlett Johansson’s first film role came in 1994’s North, with Elijah Wood, another child star survivor.

Scarlett  johansson

Scarlett johansson

She is famous poker star in the world. She win many poker tournament. Celebs that also become part of the poker group either by sponsorships or in some cases have become the experience of a poker show or at one of the many online poker sites. Scarlett Johansson also became part of bigcharity causes and awareness. She is very sexy poker player. She is youngest poker star. When Bono and Bobby Shriver organized the red campaign with the UK’s gap, Scarlett was the 1st celebrity star to sign up, wearing red dress on the covers of 2 British magazines. She received golden globe nomination. She wanted to be an actress since age 3, and was performing professionally when she was only 8 years old.

postheadericon Online Poker Rules and Terms

Online poker

Online poker

If you’re playing online poker games such as Texas Hold’em, you need to learn a couple of terms. At least, you’ll know what the heck people are talking about when you watch a game on TV, or when you play with experienced players. Please read these following point which has given below that important term used for poker and texas holdem.

Dealer button:

It’s a sign of some kind, usually a circle plastic disk. It indicates which player is the “dealer” for the current hand. Even if you play in a casino where you have an actual dealer that isn’t playing the game, the deal button is still exchanged between players from hand to hand as it affects the order of play. This ensures that there is a fair rotation between who gets to act first at the table, and who gets to act last. It rotate around the online poker table.It is symbol of “D”.

Small Blind and Big Blind:

These are associated and they exist to force a minimum bet from certain players. The big blind shows the minimum bet, and the Small Blind shows half the amount of the big blind. When you are sitting at the online poker table, one player is allocated the dealer button, the next player to his left is allocated the small blind, and the following player to the left is allocated the big blind. Minimum betting amounts, called “the blinds” go up periodically for the overall duration of the game. If you’re playing with friends at home, you may decide to increase the blinds every 15 minutes, every 20 minutes, or what ever duration will work best for your group. When blinds are increased, they often double. After a while, the cost of the “forced bet” is starting to get expensive, which usually results in more aggressive play styles as time goes by.


When two players have identical online poker hands (like two pairs, and both pairs are the same), the card that is used as the “tie breaker” is referd to as the kicker. For example 10, 10, K, J, 5 beats 10,10,3,5,Q because the King from the first hand is the highest kicker.

postheadericon 7 Habits of Highly Successful Poker Players

There are certain attributes that effective poker players express. And it’s very likely they are not even aware that they exceed in these areas; like a golf ball participant’s size, or sprinter’s rate, it’s just god-given capability.

However, if you are aware of these seven attributes, you is capable of doing to enhance on them.

Mental preparation

Poker Players

Poker Players

Being psychologically ready to execute has to do with enjoying under excellent circumstances, and in the right mindset. If you are tired, starving, drunk/high, or burdened out, you will not be enjoying your best. And when you are not enjoying your best you are unlikely to win.

These concerns never actually have to develop at the poker table; many poker players sit down in a activity title after a combat with their spouse, or a bad day at execute, and are one bad defeat away from complete point. However, enjoying in the right mindset will often allow you to deal with a couple of bad surpasses without going on point. That said, four or five bad surpasses can point the most psychologically ready poker players!


A regimented poker players knows what to do, and has the persistence to delay for the right circumstances. Self-discipline indicates you can go an whole period without effective a pot, or see a never-ending sequence of K3, Q6, and J4 the whole evening, and still have the discipline to times AT, even though it’s the best side you have seen all evening.

Discipline is what keeps you enjoying the ‘right way’ when every other encourage is informing you to do something else.

Try to improve

Whether it’s examining guides, surfing around poker forums, or discussing arms with other poker players; a effective gamer never sets on his or her laurels. Winning players know there is no such thing as the best poker players, so they are always trying to enhance their abilities any way they can.

Mentally Tough

There is an old saying: “Anyone can cause during excellent times; it’s under trouble that true commanders will appear.” Strength of thoughts is the capability to take every bad defeat, chilly, and run of bad cards in pace. Poker players that go on full-blown-life-tilt after a single bad defeat will never carry on to their profits lengthy enough to be regarded a effective gamer. It’s the players who can rule in their feelings, and execute well when elements are going bad, as well as when elements are going excellent that take home the cash.


Fearlessness does not mean you are willing to click off a fool at any time; fearlessness indicates you will never let worry come between you and the right choice. Some poker players start considering the cash they may reduce, how absurd they make look, and other elements instead of making the right choice.

Often known as enjoying terrified, a gamer who is afraid –for whatever reason—is a seated in. Poker is a activity title of persistence, but when time is right you have to reach. Frightened poker players have the persistence, but when time comes they simply cannot take the cause to.


Winning poker players are targeted on the game: Not the football activity on TV, the poker activity they are engaged in. Focused players are not surfing around the web or discussing on the phone when they execute online. Focused poker players are not looking at the mixture server or chit communicating with their good friend when they execute in the on line internet gambling house. Being targeted indicates you are 100% targeted on the overall activity, and all the small pieces of information that are being given away by the other poker players.


An excellent poker players makes other individuals love dropping to them. He does not minimize their execute, complain about his dreadful fortune, or rudely discuss to the dealer/waitress/staff. A effective gamer makes a excellent environment –an environment that makes individuals feel welcome– and a activity title the informal poker player wants to execute in.

postheadericon Advantages Of Playing Online Poker

Here’s a brief rundown on what I believe are the advantages of playing online poker.

online poker

online poker

First, as many of you know, one of the top online poker skills and hardest to aquire is the ability to read your opponent by his physical actions. Many of the card sharks you will see at the brick and mortar casinos have developed this skill into a powerful advantage. However, in the online casino, there are no physical players. I can cuss when I get a bad hand or shout for joy when I hit my flush draw, and noone at the table knows the difference! So our first advantage of online play is the fact that it takes away one advantage of the old time card sharks who rely on reading your “tells.” Without tells, the game becomes much more of a mathematical venture, and there are plenty of online poker tools available that will aid you in making the best decisions possible.

Secondly, online poker is convenient. There is a game going 24 hours, 7 days a week, and there is seat open for you. No airfare, no hotel room, no bar tab. All of this money can go directly into your bankroll as you play from the convenience of your own home.

Thirdly, online poker is more kind to the beginner. Why? Because the vast majority of players flocking to the online casinos are beginners themselves, who maybe like you, have just watched the latest World Poker Tour event on the Travel Channel and decided they wanted to try their hand at Texas Hold ’em.

Fourthly, and closely related to the previous advantage is the fact that there is much more money to be made in online poker. The fact that so many players are flocking to the online casinos, bodes well for someone like yourself who is taking some time to study the game before putting your chips on the table! The online poker industry is one of the fastest growing industry on the internet. If you learn your game well and get in now, there are alot of large pots waiting on the right player to take them down.

Finally, there are so many free money promotions being handed out by the various online casinos that you would be greatly amiss not to at least consider taking advantage of them. Several casinos offer 100% matching deposits, up to $100 and more in free chips. The fact is, I have not seen a single casino that did not offer some sort of promotional bonus to new signups and existing players. Be sure to check out our online Poker Site Reviews section for some of the best promotional offers I have found.

postheadericon Andrey Pateychuk Wins 2011 WPT Prague Main Event

The poker world didn’t know who Andrey Pateychuk was before the 2011 WSOP, but he has sure made a name for himself since then. This year alone, he finished in 15th at the WSOP Main Event, won the EPT San Remo, and now he’s the WPT Prague champion.

andrey-pateychuk-wins-2011-wpt-prague-main-eventThe 22 year old Russian poker pro only cashed in at his first live tournament in May 2010, but with his latest victory in the Czech Republic now takes his live earnings to an impressive $2,119,612.Pateychuk’s other accolades also include victory at the EPT San Remo for $975,470, and a 15th place finish at this year’s WSOP Main Event for $478,174. He has also amassed a further $229,035 playing online poker as “aangierr.”

After his deep run in the WSOP Main Event he travelled to Italy to take part in the €4,600 EPT San Remo Main Event and after a week of intense poker action he outlasted 836 other players to be crowned EPT San Remo champion, picking up €680,000 in the process. Now he is on course to become Russia’s first Triple Crown winner after taking down the World Poker Tour Main Event in Prague, adding a further €468,200 to the Russian’s already swollen bankroll.

When the final day’s action began it was Stanislaw Kretz who was in the lead with 6.3 million in chips, followed by Benjamin Pollak and then Pateychuk. The final table lasted almost 10 hours, but it was during the heads up when the action truly peaked with Spain’s Adria Balaguer staring down Pateychuk.

Balaguer moved all in with pocket queens and Pateychuk made the call with Ah5s. The board ran out 9s-7s-4s-3h-2c gifting poker pro Pateychuk a hand and tournament winning straight, sending his army of fans on the rail into rapturous applause, chanting and cheering!

WPT Prague final results:

1st: Andrey Pateychuk – €450,000
2nd: Adria Balaguer- €238,000
3rd: Stanislaw Kretz – €158,000
4th: Benjamin Pollak – €104,000
5th: Sigurd Eskeland – €80,000
6th: Russell Carson – €63,000

Andrey Pateychuk made the most of his run-good and played exceptionally well to reach the final table this week. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of the 22-year old Russian in the future.

Congratulations to Andrey Pateychuk, the WPT Prague champion!

postheadericon Australian Poker Pro behind the bars for Drug Smuggling

Australian Poker Pro David Saab, 38, of Balwyn North along with two of his companions received long prison sentences for smuggling around 14.6kg of pure Colombian cocaine into the country in January 2011.

Poker Pro David Saab, also known as ZanderFish, was arrested for the smuggling offense in February 2011 when he was caught red handed along with his two companions by the Australian Police from their secret location.

The poker pro was handed a 14 years sentence with no parole for at least 10 years while two of his companions 27-year-old Darren Hughes of Kew and 28-year-old Robert Remeeus of Vermont South were handed eight-year sentences with no chance of parole for at least five years.

The drugs which had an estimated street value of AU$6.5m (£4.22m) were hidden in sealed plastic bags which were then placed inside an industrial mechanical spreader, shipped in all the way from Vancouver, Canada. Australian Federal Police and customs officials discovered the shipment when it arrived by air in Melbourne.

To track the culprits, the authorities replaced the drugs with baby powder. It was Saab the famous poker pro who retrieved the shipment and took it to a secret place. The Police officers then stormed into the hideout where the culprits were arrested red handed.

A lot about Saab is unknown. He was born in South Korea, however, he become a known figure in Australia when he began frequenting the poker tables there after the work. But it was in 2008 when Saab become a Poker Pro and his career took off! He soon became famous in the online poker player also and he was recognized for his extraordinary blackjack tricks and strategies.

As a poker pro Saab had a successful career. He won $280,000 at the Manila leg of the Asian Poker Tour in 2008. Later in the same year he came 46th in the Main Event at the World Series of Poker.  His total earnings from live tournament amount to more than $550,000. The last live event played by Saab was the 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event in Melbourne just a few days before his arrest.

postheadericon US Online Poker Pro Bags WSOP Title

Not all online poker pro who has been able to rise above the Black Friday – enter the 2011 World Series of Poker and win a title and $ 167 000. Justin Peche But this dream has come true and won the buy-in $ 1,500 Limit Holdem Shootout championship. This is the title and a WSOP gold bracelet for the first time and win, he overcame a field of 538 players limited effective. He also joined an elite member of poker in the world.

online poker pro

26-year, online poker pro has played this game in about 6 years and make a good living playing the game online. Now is also one of the many professional poker players online who are forced to make decisions that change your life. The decision that has to do is – he go to Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico or Europe, perhaps even the promise to keep online poker career?
Peche seriously thinking of moving to Canada, but it is not so easy to get to Canada, and “Professional Poker Player” is not necessarily the kind of professionals in this country looking for the signature of immigration documents.

Before deciding what to do with his life, Peche is one of many online poker players in the United States who have decided to take the last raise, and buy-in World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Even if he is happy he made the trip, there are several online poker pros like him, who really does not cut, and is now facing some important decisions. When the Department of Justice closed doors for players of the United States in April this year, has also closed the doors a lot of earning potential and many young people dream of great wealth Mans. Peche is one of the lucky few.

postheadericon Online Poker Tips and Strategies for Becoming a Poker Pro

Poker is now a global phenomenon. It is not only invaded the airwaves, but also in the online gaming community. Anyone who is a television and a computer can now watch the poker pros do things and are now able to join the game. We also heard a lot of success stories from average Joe is becoming a successful poker player. You could have tried a game or two and can not figure out how to do it. Fret not. Here are some online poker tips that will help to play a poker.

Create your table image

Both a brick and mortar (B & M) or online gaming room, your table image plays a role in your game. In a B & M, how you present the case. This includes what you wear. What do you say how you say it, and most importantly, how you play the game are also key elements of your table image. This also applies to rooms online games. Generally, you should be aware of how you are perceived by other players and how they react to that. You can then use what you know how they will react.

In online games, is the shift of the most common style or loose-aggressive. This will lead to the other players are frustrated, leading them to make mistakes. Another type is tight style that works as well.

Look at the bigger picture

When you play, you should not make decisions alone, and keep this separate from all others who are doing the whole game. You should try to see things as a whole. Based on how much you have, think about how you can play until the end of the game. Remember that every decision that you are connected, and determines the final outcome of the hand.

Avoid tilt

Tilt is when someone ignores your emotions during the game. You should avoid at all costs. It will only lead to bad decisions. You also need to mask the feelings of the opponents so that your hands are not obvious. The most important thing is, if you are planning to be clear, not clouded by emotions, you can make better decisions, rather than risk losing money.

Master the game

View other materials such as books and articles, which are better suited to play. In addition, it would be good to take note of the sessions, so you can control these. You can track your progress and know where you should improve. Poker pro’s most successful to give a lot of time and effort to constantly improve their game. Do not rely only on their talent and their intelligence. It should not be too much. Know that the more you focus on the game, the more you can handle.

Ultimately, all efforts will be rewarded. Not only will benefit from the money earned, but also gain the right to call him self a professional poker player.

postheadericon Full Tilt Poker Can Be Dealt New Hand

Potential new investors revolve around Full Tilt Poker, raising the possibility that the website of gambling, which employs 700 people in the Republic will be able to start negotiating again.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt was forced to shut its operations last week, when the regulatory authorities on the island of Alderney Channel, where it was recorded, the suspension of his license.

An affiliate of Full Tilt, a pair of kings, employs 700 people in Dublin in software development and other significant transactions.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) issued a statement this week saying he was in “early stage” talks with Full Tilt and the third about a possible refinancing of the company.

“The objective of these discussions is to enable the site to reopen to its current and prospective players,” the regulator’s executive director, André Wilsenach, said.

The commission did not name the third party involved in talks with the company and the regulator. Reports are circulating that it is a group of European investors, while others have linked high-profile Las Vegas casino owner Jack Binion with a bid for the company.

The AGCC’s move last week stems from a US Department of Justice indictment of Full Tilt and other poker site executives alleging bank fraud and illegal gambling. Under federal law online gambling is illegal in the US. One of the consequences was that the US authorities froze accounts containing $150 million belonging to US-based players.

AGCC is said to care about the fact that Full Tilt has not refunded the money for these players, and has raised the issue before the suspension of its license the company last week. U.S. players have launched a lawsuit an attempt to force the company to pay cash. They have filed an application with the court in New York.

postheadericon Steps While Choosing To Play Poker Online

The reasons to playing poker online will vary from person to person. Many people play it for fun, while some play for the competition, and some play just to pass their time. Whatever might be the reason but one most common thing in all while playing online poker is to win. Here winning is not just all about the thrill of victory or the satisfaction of knowing you beat the odds but also with there is an intention of winning some cold hard cash which is associated with the game. And for that purpose you should have to the ability to win an online poker game. Here are some tips which will help you do so.

Step 1 Choose a Game That Suits You

First and fundamental step to start winning at online poker is choosing an appropriate game. Choose a game which you want to focus on mastering. You have three primary choices to choose from Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker or 7 Card Stud. Though there are other poker games, such as 5 card draw or crazy pineapple which are rarely played that you can play them for entertainment purposes rather than earning money.

The most played poker variant is Texas Holdem as it is the easiest of all to learn and also for earning money, since there are so many new and inexperienced players. Omaha and 7 Card Stud are definite choices, but you might find hard competing in these games. In addition, they’re far less popular than Texas Holdem, so it will be harder to find good games going due to the lack of players. But if you have huge liking for game apart from Texas Holdem, then they can certainly be very profitable.

Once you are done choosing the game, the next thing you must focus on is mastering its rules. As soon as you know how to play, it’s time to start strategizing.

Step 2 Master Your Chosen Game

Now the next step is mastering different techniques of your game and so that you start getting a feel for what it’s like to read your opponents and adjust your game according to their style of play. This will enable you good confidence in your poker skills and help you take challenges.  Its better to go through the blogs which shares experience of various poker player so that you have the idea of the kind of competition you might face and will also give you the knowledge as to how you can approach these challenges and secure a win for yourself.

Step Choose An Appropriate Poker Room

Now this is an important choice which you will have to make after assessing your poker skill and with the kind of competition you want to face. Choosing the right poker room can make or break your chances of succeeding. If you choose a site with poor software, too many sharks and not enough whales, or an unfair rake structure, you could lose good money just because of that. So it better to do your home work properly before you enter registering and putting in some money in a particular cardroom. It’s beneficial to hop around if you’re building a bankroll or trying different rooms out, but once you’ve found a good one, stay there. This will allow you to be able to spot the easy players from the pros, use the software to its full extent, and be the first to pick up on any promotions going on.

So  do take care of the following steps when you choose to play poker online.

postheadericon Merge Network Temporarily Stops Accepting New US Players

It seems that online poker players in US will find it too difficult to play their favorite sport online with real money as US government is making it very hard for online Poker sites to run its business in US. Post Black Friday many online poker sites have stopped their activities in US or stopped accepting players from US.

Merge Network one of the major networks which was still allowing players from US since Black Friday has decided to stop accepting players from US from 3rd of June. Though existing players from US do not have to worry as they can still play in the network with real money.

Popular skins under Merge Network include Lock Poker, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker, Hero Poker, Felt Stars, GR88 Poker, Overbet Poker, Poker Nordica, PDC Poker, and Iron Duke,

It is also speculated that the move by Merge network is temporary as it is overburdened by players traffic which has increased by 75% since Black Friday. This would help their support clear out backlogged payment processes which has been caused so far due to sudden rise in traffic.

postheadericon Casino Gran Madrid to Offer Online Poker

Casino Gran Madrid is often at the center of attention for the important event in poker, and this week is once again, but for another reason.

According to eGaming Review, the casino has become the first to be certified by the government of Madrid and is now officially licensed to offer poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette on its very own site.

Due to an agreement signed in 2009, the site will be powered by Playtech software, with a player management system provided by MediaTech Solutions.

Only Madrid residents aged 18 and over will be allowed to play at first.

postheadericon Ante Up for Soroptimist Poker

It’s time to ante up for the third annual Soroptimist International of Santa Clarita Valley Texas Hold ’em Fiesta Poker Tournament.

The event will be held Saturday, May 7 and include an evening of poker, celebrities, prizes, festive food and beverages.

Buy-in for the tournament is $100 with $40 rebuys and a final $60 add-on. Spectator tickets are available for $35, which includes dinner.

The tournament begins at 4 p.m. with poker lessons for those who want to learn a little more about the game before they begin.

Registration for the tournament will also start at 4 p.m. with a 5 p.m. tournament start time.

Guests will have the opportunity to play in a Texas Hold ’em Tournament along side celebrities and professional poker players, playing for prizes and top honors at the final table.

First prize is a seat at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas,  along with a two-night stay in Las Vegas.

If guests don’t play poker they can spend time at the cash tables, said tournament co-chairwoman, Tara Rice.

Buy in for the cash games, which will include Blackjack will be $40.

Rice suggested attendees plan to register as soon as possible for seats the poker tables.

“We only have seats for about 150 players and we’re expecting a sell-out crowd, so call and register today,” she said.

Soroptimist  International is an organization of professional and businesswomen whose mission is to improve the lives of women and girls. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit programs to help bring an end to domestic violence locally and around the world.

postheadericon Poker Players Battle Against The FBI

If there is one thing that most people can not refuse, it’s free money, even if the attempt. Every night at Full Tilt Poker is the tournament freeroll poker games horse or five mixed, which is completely free to do so, it is a prize pool of $ 150 will be 45 players. In general, the tournament is full, usually all have freeroll. Generally, all 7500 seats would be filled well before the closing date, so if you want to play, you should register as soon as possible. Yesterday evening, 7 May 5529 was a runner. A little ‘math reveals this is 73.72% full.

This could indicate that Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars through participation and all poker sites in this global company has lost about 27% of its players and revenues after the FBI and the Department of Justice of the mark direct men honest and innovative criminal enterprise and money launderers, a combination of Al Capone and Pablo Escobar. The reality is probably much worse. Every night, Full Tilt runs $ 5 Stud Hi Lo tournament, although not very popular, this general had a right spin, often more than a hundred, April 29, thirteen horsemen, most is now canceled.

Freeroll tournaments on PokerStars are also far from full, and on both these sites, there are fewer cash game players. Full Tilt and PokerStars are two of the biggest; if their traffic and revenue is down, so too are those of the smaller sites. So what are they doing on the legal front? According to Anupama (no last name) of Party Poker’s Customer Service:

“Based on current U.S. legislation, since 2006 we have stopped accepting real money wagers and deposits from players who are either registered with our cashier with a U.S address or who are logging in to our sites from a U.S. Internet provider.

Any player accessing our Real Money games from the U.S. will not be able to make a deposit or wager. Players registered with an address outside the U.S. will still be able to wager and make deposits when accessing our games from outside the U.S….

We are determined to meet this challenge, and although we deeply regret having to close our U.S. business, we must comply with this law. However, please know that we are actively working toward a regulated environment for online gaming in the US.”

Paula (no last name) of Full Tilt Poker Support said: “We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received from U.S. players, which may address some of your questions or concerns.” She added the FAQ will be updated when available, but the bottom line is that US residents cannot play on Full Tilt, even if they are travelling or based temporarily overseas, nor can foreign tourists to the US. Everything else, bonuses, purchases of merchandise from poker sites, etc made by US players, has been put on hold.

While the big sites appear to be playing it low key, American poker players are positively bullish. Although it was founded in 2005, a year before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came into force, it is clear that America’s on-line poker players knew what was in the wind, and were determined to nip it in the bud. The PPA has some heavyweight support; its Chairman is former US Senator Alfonse D’Amato, and its Executive Director is John Pappas, who “cut his teeth in Washington politics straight out of college [and] worked for nearly six years with his hometown congressman, John Shadegg from Arizona.”

The Poker Players Alliance is based in Washington DC, the ideal home for any lobbying organisation in the United States, and lobby it does, and it intends to step up the pressure. In the wake of what it calls Black Friday, it issued a forthright statement:

“On behalf of the millions of poker players across the country, we are shocked at the action taken by the U.S. Department of Justice today against online poker companies and will continue to fight for Americans’ right to participate in the game they enjoy.”

The PPA claimed too that seventy thousand letters and e-mails had been sent to government officials, and thousands of phone calls made condemning the actions of the Department Of Justice.

On May 23-24, around thirty PPA members will be lobbying Congress to rescind the legislation that has made their favourite pastime a crime, and “to establish regulated online poker in the U.S, this year.” In the words of Alfonse D’Amato: “Our members are anxious to get to Washington and tell their lawmakers to restore their freedom to play poker on the Internet”.

Libertarians too are concerned about the assault on on-line poker. On April 28, Jeffrey Tucker of the Mises Institute conducted an on-line interview with professional poker player Robert Fellner who said the Government had acted in violation of international law by seizing the sites’ domain names and freezing their bank accounts adding that it was an arrogant display of arbitrary power.

Few of the players and the libertarians would argue with, but despite the heavyweight pro game popular with millions of Americans view the complete repeal of the law is not good. In this context it is worth recalling that the prohibition of alcohol was probably even more unpopular. Unfortunately, the Volstead Act was passed in October 1919 and not repealed until 1933.

postheadericon Jennifer Harman Donations Poker Tournament Resolve Be Held May 20

Nevada civilization for the avoidance of unkindness to Animals (SPCA Nevada) and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has announced the fifth annual charity tournament, Jennifer Harman. Since its survival, this tournament is to support actions in the Nevada SPCA to defend animals. This year, the poker room of the Peppermill Casino alternative in Reno is hosting the occasion which runs from May 20, 2011.

Please note that the tournament will be held Nevada State Poker Championship held as part of Season VII of the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT). This charity tournament gives many good players, Hollywood and the generous players to play poker and to support a humble request.

Then on May 20, poker and stars of show-biz will attend the prestigious poker room to join a direct action. And May 21 from 10:00 am, the Nevada SPCA animal accompanying stars on the red carpet. Various events will take place there as auctions. And around 8:00 p.m., No Limit Hold’em tournament begins.

The registration fee is established, each participant is $ 230, $ 250 per team and $ 2500 and a team of 10 players. Note that 10% of the best players will be rewarded, and participants who can survive a list of the top 10 spot TV show hyperparathyroidism. One hundred commissions to win there.

postheadericon Study the Legalization of Online Poker

Des Moines, Iowa – the state Senate approved a measure requiring the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to consider whether to legalize Internet poker in Iowa and submit a report to the legislature on December 1.

Online PokerThe Senate voted 38-12 in favor of the plan on Wednesday, and the bill now goes to the House.

The measure requires an analysis, among other things, the unregulated play poker on the Internet, the consumer protection authority, responsible gaming and regulatory recommendations.

His supporters say legalize Internet poker in Iowa could make millions of dollars in tax revenues, but others worry about the game developed in Iowa.

The bill also allows casinos to hold referendums on the county game only twice, if approved in the first game and again eight years later. The current law requires a referendum every eight years.

postheadericon Board Group Kills Bill Florida Online Poker

Despite the efforts of the Nevada license and regulate online poker to continue, press in Florida must now wait for the bill to legalize poker intranet do not vote out of the state’s Criminal Justice Committee of the Senate.

Online Poker

The bill, sponsored by Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, would grace the estimated 10.5 million U.S. dollars a year for a 10 percent tax on gross receipts proposed, with another 4 percent will help racetracks parimutel in the state.

“What we’re trying to do here is create a network of poker in the state of Florida and do business with Florida regulations here, protection against identity theft and protect consumers and have to collect revenue with the state, “said Diaz de la Portilla’s committee.

Vote carried 2-2 tie, which effectively killed SB812. Opposed the measure, the Florida Sheriff’s Association and the Poker Players Alliance, which felt the bill has created an unfair monopoly that benefits only the state gambling halls parimutel. If the bill, it would be virtually locked out of the competition, the existing poker sites offshore.